Adam's new friend [有声书]

  • 点阅:222

  • 作者:Zhou, Rui-Ping, Lin, Meng-Rong文;Xin, An-Lun绘图
  • 出版年:2003
  • 出版社:彩虹儿童文化
  • 出版地:台北市




Adam makes a good friend and decides to take very good care of him. Who is this new friend? Will Adam be able to take on the responsibility of caring for him?


The theme of the story is “responsibility.” Through reading this story, children are able to learn about qualities such as caring and bravery as they relate to life strengthening.



  • Adam's New friend 亚当的新朋友(第7頁)
  • 故事导读(第29頁)
  • CoCo Studio CoCo录音室(第30頁)
  • Word Playground 单字操场(第32頁)
  • Listening Classroom 听力教室(第33頁)
  • Reading Activities 阅读活动(第34頁)
  • Family Rocks 亲子俱乐部:水果优格(第36頁)
  • Go Around the World : Egypt 环游世界:埃及(第37頁)
  • ABC Phonics : -ean & -eat 发音乐园(第38頁)
  • ABC Playground 字母操场(第40頁)
  • Day in Focus : Happy Thanksgiving ! 感恩节快乐!(第41頁)
  • Arts & Crafts 劳作(第44頁)
  • Review Land 复习园地(第46頁)