Brain teasers[有声书]

  • 点阅:234

  • 作者:杨淑惠编撰
  • 出版年:2002
  • 出版社:佳音
  • 出版地:台北市
  • ISBN:978-957-448-009-8 ; 957-448-009-7




巅覆英语学习 活络课堂秘方

本书采中英对照,共有38个单元,每单元包含脑筋急转弯的题目及漫画式的插画,答案以倒置的方式排列,下半部以幽默的口吻写出Get it?(宰羊呒?)最下方列出字汇与片语的解说,内容寓教娱乐,巅覆英语学习内容枯燥乏味的印象。





  • 1. Tom’s birthday is on January 15th, but his birthday isalways in the summer. Why?(第4頁)
  • 2. Three birds are sitting in a tree. The farmer shoots one.Now how many birds are there?(第5頁)
  • 3. Two fathers and two sons go fishing together. They catchthree fish,but each one can have one fish. How can thisbe true?(第6頁)
  • 4. Alice wants to buy some eggs, but she doesn’t wantany baby chickens inside. How can she be sure?(第7頁)
  • 5. What are the two things you can’t eat for breakfast?(第8頁)
  • 6. How many months have 28 days?(第9頁)
  • 7. Can you name ten dinosaurs in ten seconds?(第10頁)
  • 8. What do you call a dinosaur as tall as a house withlong, sharp teeth and twelve claws on each foot?(第11頁)
  • 9. Why do birds fly south in the winter?(第12頁)
  • 10. What has six legs, two arms and two heads?(第13頁)
  • 11. What gets bigger when you turn it upside-down?(第14頁)
  • 12. How can three fat women go out under one littleumbrella and not get wet?(第15頁)
  • 13. To what question can you never say “yes”?(第16頁)
  • 14. Where does Friday come before Thursday?(第17頁)
  • 15. Which stars wear dark glasses?(第18頁)
  • 16. What do elephants have that no other animals have?(第19頁)
  • 17. Which animal can jump higher than a house?(第20頁)
  • 18. Why do lions eat raw meat?(第21頁)
  • 19. How can you jump off a fifty-foot ladder withoutgetting hurt?(第22頁)
  • 20. A man is smoking in the movie theater, but nobodystops him. Why?(第23頁)
  • 21. Which runs faster, heat or cold? Why?(第24頁)
  • 22. What has ears but can’t hear?(第25頁)
  • 23. What is the difference between here and there?(第26頁)
  • 24. What has teeth but can't chew?(第27頁)
  • 25. Which hand should you stir soup with?(第28頁)
  • 26. When is it bad luck to have a black cat follow you?(第29頁)
  • 27. What’s the longest word in English?(第30頁)
  • 28. What comes down but never goes up?(第31頁)
  • 29. Why is a river rich?(第32頁)
  • 30. What bus sailed the Atlantic Ocean?(第33頁)
  • 31. What goes up but never comes down?(第34頁)
  • 32. What has legs but can’t walk?(第35頁)
  • 33. What has a neck but no head?(第36頁)
  • 34. What helps you keep your teeth together?(第37頁)
  • 35. How do you make seven even?(第38頁)
  • 36. What kind of bushes do rabbits sit under when itrains?(第39頁)
  • 37. Why did the chickens cross the road?(第40頁)
  • 38. Who works only one day a year and never worriesabout getting fired?(第41頁)